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Lose Weight to Prevent Obesity

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Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death that everyone is capable of combatting on a personal level. Unfortunately, the prevalence of this epidemic is continuously increasing every year. As the number of people suffering from obesity increases, so does the number of morbidity cases due to underlying risks caused by

Understanding Calories

  Calories are used in many places, such as in food labels and restaurant menus.  You can even see the number of calories being burned as you get on your treadmill.  So what exactly do we mean by the word calories? The word ‘calorie’ refers to a certain unit of measurement.  It

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism refers to a set of enzyme-catalyzed chemical transformations within our bodies which are necessary to sustain life. The term metabolism can also encompass the transportation of substances between different cells and the digestion process. For instance, our metabolism is responsible for when and how our body breaks down calories

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