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Natural Weight Loss Tips

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It would probably be fair to say that many of us have tried to lose weight at some time in our life. However, most have tried and failed for one reason or another. Usually, the main reason we did not succeed was due  eating the wrong types of foods. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well. Our hunger hormones and food cravings don’t help!
There are certain things you can do to help ensure you have a successful weight loss journey. You probably know all of them already! However use these tips to help you lose weight naturally and incorporate them into your new healthy lifestyle plan.
1. Increase your water intake. I recommend that you rehydrate with 8-10 glasses a day, and potentially more if you are sweating profusely from being exposed to extreme heat or exercise. Drinking water greatly helps to flush out toxins from inside your body. Cut down or better yet, eliminate drinking sodas or soft drinks and choose water as your main drink. Some people enjoy a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in their water as it helps with losing weight; others prefer a dash of lemon. Experiment and find your favorites. Get into a new habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal to fill you up and help you avoid eating too much.
2. Drink green tea. If you drink a cup of green tea every day, it is said to accelerate weight loss. Instead of having a cup of coffee in the morning or during break time, consider sipping a relaxing green tea. It does contain some caffeine. However, the L-Theanine in the green tea relaxes you and is healthier than coffee.
3. Avoid refined sugar. Eating sugar-laden treats as a snack is going to sabotage your weight loss goals. Some people have become addicted to the temporary pick-me-up they get from consuming sugary foods, in spite of the inevitable following slump. These candies won’t bring you anything but empty calories. Reduce refined sugar in your meals and snacks if you want to have a healthier you. Ideally, spend some time going through your fridge, cupboards, pantry and freezer and eliminate these foods as much as possible.
4. Healthy snacks. Nibbling on fruits, lean meats, vegetables, and whole grains is far better than high-calorie cakes and sweets. Eating a healthy snack can help you avoid cravings which usually lead to eating too much, especially if you are hungry, and you have access to something you shouldn’t! Some experts recommend eating every few hours to keep your blood sugars regulated and your metabolism running smoothly. If you do, make sure you eat high protein snacks in between your main meals as this will help prevent sugar peaks and slumps.

5. Increase physical activity. This goes without saying. You have to exercise, as exercise burns calories in your body and improves all areas of your health. Activities like walking, dancing, jogging, and swimming are perfect exercise routines to add to your day. These simple tips can help you slim down and attain the fitter and healthier body that you desire. Eating healthy and staying healthy takes discipline and effort, but the results are worth it!

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